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Growth in Abundance

We’re making sustainable living the standard, working alongside Earth’s natural balance to create abundance.

Nature is our guide, we learn, we grow and we share.

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Food Forest

This is the practice of cultivating forest ecosystems for food production and is the goal for our space.

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Grow Together Co-Op

We offer a comprehensive procurement for medium to large Urban farmers through our grower Co-operative. We grow together, contact us if you would like to join.

Sustainable Living

Farm Shop

Discover a range of horticulture and organic growing products. As well as locally grown and made products that support our mission of sustainability and our local horticultural and agricultural industry. Look out for the latest stock of various jams, fresh produce and more at our shop.

Coming Soon


Meet Brad

Brad is our leader and visionary. He can often be found amongst the plants deciphering the messages in the soil.

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Meet Tash

Tash cares for all, big and small. She is the mother and caregiver on the farm. When she is not on the farm she is out on the mountain trails enjoying nature.


Meet Nom

Nom is the driving force that keeps everything growing. Day or night Nom manages the growing needs on the farm. From mixing soil and building swales to harvesting the produce and everything in-between Nom does it all.


Meet the Ballie

He is always ready to take on the next adventure or reminisce about the last. No problem big or small, Rhyan will find a solution.

Watch this space!

We are working on finishing our most exciting project yet, a full lifestyle centre open to the public. Expect hosted events, engaging classes and more in our space.

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