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Get more out of growing, the sustainable way.

Harness the knowledge and skills you need to ensure a thriving permaculture, for the wellness of you, your family and your customers.

Grow Together Co-Op

Supplying the tools for sustainable permaculture

Sign up for our grow supply co-operative and join the growers network. Quality growing products supplied to suit your growing needs. It’s as simple as sending us your order and giving us the time to arrange a low cost delivery. We source from local organic suppliers first.

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Embracing the environment through knowledge and connection

We’re growing, in more ways than one! Cornucopia Valley is all about abundance in sustainable growth – and in our communities. Horticultural and agricultural innovation is achievable through group effort and we’re bringing the basics where it’s needed, at the heart of the community. Join us and like-minded people eager to infuse mindful change into the way they
grow, consume and live.

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Our Farm

Everything from goods and ingredients to tools and resources to kit out your pantry, greenhouse and more.

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Assagay, KZN
South Africa


Before you show, be in the know! Give us a call to check if we are in. We will get back to you within 24hrs.

“If you want something done, give it to a busy person”

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